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What kind of adventure would it be without some epic treasure?!  Welcome to the Deliberate Myth Shop!  You see, in addition to running awesome adventures, we also like to dabble in some other crafts and skills.  All of the following items are original designs by the Deliberate Myth, and (except for the t-shirts) all are made by hand, by us.  All of these items are also available as party favors or stand alone items.  Let everyone know you adventure Deliberately!

Dice Towers

Our dice tower roller is made of high grade card stock and wood, with a catch tray at the bottom, that will last for many adventures at the table.  It looks great as is, or can be decorated and customized as you see fit.  These dice towers can also be constructed by our team or delivered unassembled, to be constructed by the players at your event.  Click here for questions, pricing and orders.

Foam Boffer Weapons

We offer an assortment of five different foam weapons to take the adventure into the 3D world!  Inspired by some of the classic D&D weapon options, you can pick from a Longsword, a Pair of Daggers, a War Hammer, a Battle-axe, or a Quarterstaff.  Made of foam, a mix of gaffer's and duct tapes, and pvc piping, these weapons will be slaying monsters for a long time to come!  They can be delivered pre-assembled by our team, or unassembled as part of your party or event.  Click here to for questions, pricing and orders.

Leather Work

Yes, you read that right! We now offer original leather crafts to complete any adventurer's armor!  Currently we offer mystery braids, bracers, cuffs, wrist guards, braclets, belts, baldrics, headbands, hair slides, and more that will let everyone know you take your adventures seriously!  We can make you a custom piece inspired by your favorite character, or your adventures, or something else entirely.  All pieces are made of quality veg-tan leather, and handmade by Seth.  Check out some of the stuff we have made!

Bird of Prey Dice Tray

This one was so much fun, and way cooler than the other dicetrays I have had.  Is it an eagle?  A crow?  A  griffin?  Who cares??  It is bad ass!


Bracers of Bahamut: 

The good dragon god Bahamut is largely above petty things, but at least one paladin isn't.  Inspired by a character who helped slay an evil red dragon, then turned it's hide into armor.  


Pirate Baldric: 

This one is inspired by a pirate character!  It is still in-progress, but I'm very excited with how it's coming out, so figured I could share.  This is the front part of the strap. The back will attach above the octopus head and wrap around to the wait - kind of like a long guitar strap.  The front and back of the baldric staff will connect to a holster panel at the hip, with two weapon frogs on top of an anchor panel.








Stay tuned for more items and options!  For questions, pricing, or if you have a special request, click here to let us know!


Need to impress the fine folk of that village around the bend?  Or maybe you need a boost to your armor class?  We offer a number of epic styles of T-Shirts for you to take your adventure with you everywhere!  Ranging from a simple b&w logo across the chest to a full color print of our homepage wizard in his study, these shirts will let everyone know you are always ready for a quest.  100% cotton, quality screened prints.  Available in youth and adult sizes.  For questions and pricing, please click here.


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