After-school Campaigns for 3rd Grade and up


PLEASE NOTE!  Until further notice, ALL Deliberate Myth campaigns are being conducted remotely!  Please see below for more.


Once again, it’s time for kids to learn their ABCD&D!  Players will meet after school for a customized campaign that they will help create, focused on providing them with an ongoing and thoroughly immersive D&D experience.  The adventure continues from session to session, allowing young heroes to enjoy a narrative that only stops when they want it to.  The small group size allows for a more personalized experience for the players, emphasizing interaction, communal adventure and cooperative game-play.  These campaigns are in-depth, occasionally intense, and always exciting.  


Since Covid 19 has become a reality of life, all Deliberate Myth campaigns have been switched to virtual tabletops and remote video conferencing.  Believe us, no one misses in-person gaming as much as we do!  However, The Deliberate Myth team has worked very hard to make our remote campaigns as enjoyable as possible.  Our basic philosophy is simple:  Quality Over Quantity.  Shorter sessions will prevent screen burnout on the part of the players.  Smaller groups will mean each player will get even more focus and attention to keep them engaged.  Discounted rates will mean parents aren't feeling as much of a financial pinch for quality after-school enrichment.


Dungeon Master Services for kids & adults

Private and After-School Dungeons & Dragons Programs

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