Your Brooklyn Dungeon Master

"Come, friend, and let us speak of our shared collective delusion. 
Such a grand tale it will be..."

Custom Dungeon Master Services

After School, Private, Birthdays, and Camps

In-Person and Remote Options available



Hail, weary traveler!  Your search for custom-made, personalized D&D adventure is over!

Since January 2017, The Deliberate Myth has provided the finest in custom built fantasy roleplaying adventures for kids and adults.

Our team of talented Game Masters, primarily using the Dungeons & Dragons 5E system, will guide the players through a collaborative adventure that players help create. Our D&D adventures can have the depth of a great novel, the excitement of a blockbuster movie, and they give players more agency than any video game. Every adventure has limitless possibilities, and the only thing that determines success or failure is your own creativity.

We offer weekly after-school campaigns, private campaigns, three kinds of birthday parties, and summer camps.


Join us, and lets create the best adventure you've ever imagined!