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A week of fun, excitement, creation, and immersion.

Welcome heroes, back to Camp Spellventure!  This summer will offer two different kinds of summer adventure for you to choose from.  Each campaign will last one week, Monday to Friday, with a daily session all week long.

CS Adventure is a week long adventure for 3-5 players.  We will meet remotely every day for a concentrated dose of narrative fun.  Day 1 will be our Session Zero, followed by four straight days of action.  These adventures are smaller in scope than a typical Deliberate Myth quest, but there is nothing small about the fun we will have.

CS Dungeon Mastery is a week long class for those players that want to take their hobby to the next level and DM their own amazing adventure!  These week-long seminars meet daily, M-F, and will give aspiring Dungeon Masters the boost they need to start running their own campaigns.  Anyone who registers for a week of DM Training will also automatically be enrolled in the Junior DM program, which will make them eligible to become Spellventure Counselor DMs and potentially Adventurer's Academy DMs as well!


  • $200/player, per week

  • Remote Only.  All players will need simultaneous access to Zoom, Roll20, and DnDBeyond.

  • Groups must be between 3 and 5 players

  • All groups meet daily, M-F, from approximately 2pm to 4pm.  Exact start times can adjust if the group needs.

  • Date options:  Week 1: 8/9 to 8/13; ​Week 2: 8/16 to 8/20; and Week 3: 8/23 to 8/27

Dungeon Mastery

  • $150/player, per week. 

  • Offered both IN-PERSON and REMOTE

  • In-Person classes will be held at McNally Jackson Books (445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn).

  • In-Person groups must be between 3 and 8 players.  All who are of age to be vaccinated, per the CDC guidelines, should be.  Masks will be mandatory regardless of vaccination status.

  • Remote classes will require simultaneous access to Zoom, DnDBeyond, and Roll20.

  • Remote groups have no minimum or maximum number of players.

  • All groups meet from approximately 10:30am to 12:00 noon, M-F.  

  • Date options:  Week 1: 8/2 to 8/6; Week 2: 8/9 to 8/13; Week 3: 8/16 to 8/20; Week 4: 8/23 to 8/27

  • In-Person Dates are contingent upon having enough registered players.  Any in-person group that does not have enough players will be converted to a remote group instead.

  • As an added bonus, Game Mastery players will recieve a 10% discount on nearly any D&D rulebook or adventure if you purchase it through McNally Jackson books!

Discounts and Deals

  • Get 10% off every week you sign up for after the first one

  • Get 5% off for every new player you recomend!


How to Register

  • Email us with the subject line "Spellventure 2021"

  • Please include:

  1. Player's full name and age​

  2. Legal Guardian's name

  3. How long have you been playing D&D?

  4. What are your favorite things about D&D?  Or, if you are new, what are you most excited about?

  5. Please list ALL possible weeks and campaigns you are interested in, as it will increase the chances of being in a group best suited to your interests.

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