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A Special Program for Future Dungeon Masters

Many D&D players are more than happy to only play the game.  They are thoroughly fulfilled by creating their characters and enjoying the adventures their Dungeon Master crafts with them.   They "merely" allow D&D to be the highlight of their week!  If you or someone you know is a player... that's awesome.  Encourage them, support them, and let them run free in the meadows of their imagination.  But some players?  Some players are different.


Some players, no matter how much they enjoy being a player at the table, yearn for something more.  They don't want to just run around in that meadow; they want to create the meadow.  They want to build towns and cities, forests and deserts.  They want to move mountains and shape oceans.  They want to build and create an entire world of adventure for other players to explore.  They want to run their own game for the shared enjoyment of their friends.  They want to share their creativity and stories in a fun and communal way.

In short... they want to be a Dungeon Master.   


When your player is ready to move on to running their own adventures, ask about joining the Junior Game Master program.   Junior GM's will get extra emphasis from the Deliberate Myth to help them become incredible Dungeon Masters in their own right, as well as these other benefits and opportunities:

  • Special classes, seminars and campaigns available just to JGM members.  Topics such as storytelling, campaign and world building, improvisation, fantasy cartography, and more will be covered and emphasized. 

  • Select players will have the opportunity to help run official Deliberate Myth campaigns and events.

  • Exceptionally mature and motivated players may even be invited to be counselors at future Spellventure Camps, where they can run their own campaign for other players. 

  • Junior GMs will also be eligible for discounts on future campaign registrations and be given priority access to various special events.   

Please note that this program is not for everyone.   Not every player is interested in being a Dungeon Master, and not every player is ready to take the step.  If your player thinks they are, however, this is a fantastic way for them to experience all the things I have learned about this hobby.  I am so very excited to be able to offer this program.  I cannot wait to help so many kids become better Dungeon Masters and storytellers than ever before.  Please email today to sign your child up for this exciting new program.  Members must have participated in at least one Deliberate Myth campaign before. 

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