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What makes D&D with The Deliberate Myth so great?

The goal of The Deliberate Myth is to give every player the opportunity to tell their own story and to be the person they want to be, even if its only for a few hours.  In a world where we are far too likely to hear "no", The Deliberate Myth strives to give players a resounding "yes".  As long as you are willing to be part of the team, we welcome all races, creeds, identities, and genders.  We want all our players to take control of their own stories - both in and out of game - while making room for others to do the same.  If these sound like important life lessons and that we take this seriously, you're right and we do - and D&D is the tool we use to bring that to life in an exciting and fantastic way.  


The nuts and bolts of the game are probably well known:  players create characters – powerful avatars and heroes capable of tremendous deeds.  The Dungeon Master sets the scene and describes the world, and then the players control how their characters interact with that world, using dice and various bonuses and penalties to determine whether a character succeeds or fails at a given choice of action.  The real joy of the game, though, is so much more.

Dungeons & Dragons, at its best, is a communal form of narrative storytelling, where the player’s characters are the protagonists and no one knows exactly what will happen or how it will end.  Characters and story lines continue from session to session for as long as the players want them to.  Like a great novel or film, each game can be an enthralling epic, a fantastic action, a thrilling pot boiler, and more.  Players will experience the excitement of a movie, but in an active, engaged form.  They will have more agency and empowerment than any high end video game, as there is no limit to what the players can try to do.  They will flex and hone their imaginations within a social framework that practically demands cooperation and empathy instead of solitude. 


More than just an amazingly fun time with friends, D&D can also have some remarkable social and educational benefits as well.  Especially for younger players, roleplaying games create an opportunity to gain experiential knowledge without suffering the real world consequences.  Players can poke and prod at the world to see for themselves how it - and the players at the table with them - respond.  In doing so, they learn how to make the most of a world that does not always see things they way they do, and that does not always function the way they want.  It can inspire and improve reading, writing, and mathematics, hidden behind a great story.  Players can learn creative thinking, cooperation, respect, empathy for others, strategy, prioritization, problem-solving, dealing with consequences, and more… all while stretching their minds and enjoying the best make believe ever.  There is quite honestly no other form of entertainment quite like it. 

If any of this resonates with you, or if you just were kind enough to read this entire page, you'll make a great addition to the story.  Join the adventure, and discover for yourself.

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