After-school Campaigns for 3rd Grade and up


The Deliberate Myth is very excited to announce the return of in-person campaigns for the 2021-2022 school year!  We will be offering both in-person and remote campaigns to help craft your best adventure yet.


Once again, it’s time for kids to learn their ABCD&D!  Players will meet after school for a customized campaign that they will help create, focused on providing them with an ongoing and thoroughly immersive D&D experience.  The adventure continues from session to session, allowing young heroes to enjoy a narrative that only stops when they want it to.  The small group size allows for a more personalized experience for the players, emphasizing interaction, communal adventure and cooperative game-play.  These campaigns are in-depth, occasionally intense, and always exciting.  

In-Person Campaigns (IPCs)

  • IPCs are 2.5 hours long, from 3:30 to 6:00 pm, on Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Groups will be between 4 and 6 players.  Fewer than 4 or more than 6 is permissible at the sole discretion of The Deliberate Myth, and will only be permitted if the total number of people in the space does not exceed fourteen.

  • All IPCs will be held at Class Space (243 Smith Street, at Douglass Street, in Brooklyn). 

  • Safety Precautions:

    • All TDM employees are vaccinated.  

    • Vaccinations are mandatory for all players who are of age, per the current CDC guidelines.  

    • Masks will be required of all players and DM’s, regardless of vaccination status.  

    • Spacing will be observed for all players.

    • All IPC players or their legal guardians will be required to read and agree to a safety precautions agreement that will be sent out at registration.

  • We are currently offering four IPC groups per week - two on Monday and two on Thursday - as there is sufficient space at Class Space to maintain DOE-standard distancing.  Additional days may be offered if demand permits.  

  • IPCs follow the NYC DOE calendar. If there is no full-day of school, there is no session.

  • Pick-up and walk-over service is possible on a case-by-case basis.  School pickup will be an additional $7.50/session.


Remote Campaigns (RCs)

  • RCs are 2 hours long, and will run from 3-5pm, 4-6pm, or 5-7pm.  Exact time will be determined by the individual group to best accommodate all schedules.

  • Groups will be between 3 and 5 players.  Fewer than 2 or more than 5 are permissible at the sole discretion of The Deliberate Myth.

  • RCs follow the NYC DOE calendar.  If there is no full-day of school, there is no session.

  • RCs are currently offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Additional days may be offered if demand permits.

  • All players will require simultaneous access to Zoom, Roll20, and DnDBeyond.  Free accounts will be required before the start of the campaign.  Further information will be provided after joining a campaign.


Costs Per Player and Schedule for 2021-2022


In-Person campaigns are $50/session, per player, and are currently scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays.   Remote campaigns are $35/session, per player, and are scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

​Dates and Schedule for 2021-2022

Fall Dates (Registration Deadline: September 7th, 2021)

  • Mon (IPC): $700/player. 14 sessions, 9/13 to 12/20.  No session on 10/11.

  • Tue (RC): $490/player. 14 sessions, 9/14 to 12/21.  No session on 11/2.

  • Wed (RC): $525/player. 15 sessions, 9/15 to 12/22.  

  • Thu (IPC): $600/player. 12 sessions, 9/23 to 12/23.  No sessions on 9/16, 11/11, and 11/25.

  • Fri (RC): $455/player. 13 sessions, Sept 17 to Dec 17.  No sessions on  9/26 and 12/24.


Winter Dates (Registration Deadline: December 27th, 2021)

  • Mon (IPC): $600/player.  12 sessions, 1/3 to 4/4. No session on 1/17 and 2/21.

  • Tue (RC): $420/player.  12 sessions, 1/4 to 4/5.  No sessions on 2/1 and 2/22.

  • Wed (RC): $455/player.  13 sessions, 1/5 to 4/6.  No session on 2/23.

  • Thu (IPC): $650/player.  13 sessions, 1/6 to 4/7.  No session on 2/24.

  • Fri (RC): $455/player. 13 sessions, 1/7 to 4/8.  No session on 2/25.


Spring Dates (Registration Deadline: April 4th, 2022)

  • Mon (IPC): $350/player. 7 sessions, 4/11 to 6/13.  No sessions on 4/18, 5/2, 5/30, and 6/20.

  • Tue (RC): $315/player.  9 sessions, 4/12 to 6/21.  No sessions on 4/19 and 6/7.

  • Wed (RC): $350/player. 10 sessions, 4/13 to 6/22.  No session on 4/20.

  • Thu (IPC): $450/player.  9 sessions, 4/14 to 6/23.  No sessions on 4/21 and 6/9.

  • Fri (RC): $315/player.  9 sessions, 4/29 to 6/24. No sessions on 4/15 and 4/22.


  • REFER A FRIEND!  Receive 5% off your campaign for every new player you recommend.

  • EPIC QUEST DISCOUNT!  Receive 7.5% off all three campaigns if you register for the entire year.

  • In light of Covid 19's impact, The Deliberate Myth is happy to offer discounted rates for those facing financial hardships.  Please email to discuss.  We will always work with you and do whatever we can to get another player at the table!

How to Register


Registration is as simple as sending an email!  Please send an email to with the subject line “AdAc 21/22” and indicate what season you are inquiring about (Fall, Winter, or Spring).  Then answer the following questions in your email:


  1. Player’s Full Name and age

  2. How much experience does this player have with D&D?

  3. When did the player last play D&D with The Deliberate Myth, and who was their Dungeon Master?

  4. List the player’s three favorite things about D&D, or, if they have not played the game before, list three things that made the player excited to play D&D.

  5. How many campaigns are you interested in joining?  (Use the Campaign Names listed in the price list above.)

  6. Please list ALL the campaigns your schedule will allow you to join, in order of preference.  (This is important, as it will maximize your chances of being matched with a group of similar experience levels and playstyles.)