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March 23, 2023: MERCH!!


Hale adventurers!


Six years in, and I think it is about time we had some sweet loot to share with everyone.  Dice Towers, five different kinds of foam boffer weapons, plus T-SHIRTS and LEATHERGOODS!  It's crazy, but I am really really proud of them all.  Check out the Loot page here for more info. 


January 27, 2023: Happy Birthday to The Deliberate Myth!! (From Seth)

A wise man once told a young adventurer "It is dangerous to go alone!  Take this!"


Wise words.  Especially to those of us experienced in the fantasy rpg space, but to anyone really, wherever you are going.  And that got me thinking about the past 5 years.


In the early weeks of January 2017, I was burnt out.  20 years of freelance work had finally caught up with me, and I needed a change.  I thought through what I was capable of, what I loved, what brought me joy and what I could share with others.  And faster than I could have imagined, the idea for The Deliberate Myth was born.


The Deliberate Myth's first official session was 6 years ago, on January 27th, 2017.   I thought I was going it alone, but it turns out I had... "this".

"This" got things going.  "This" believed enough in The Deliberate Myth to give it a shot.  "This" was willing to suffer through the growing pains. "This" gave love and support.   "This" is that thing that I am so incredibly grateful for every single day.  "This" is what allows me to say I have the absolute best job in the entire world.  "This" made The Deliberate Myth what it is now, and what I hope it will keep becoming. 


"This"... is you.  Everyone who ever joined a group or sat down to a session.  Everyone who ever rolled dice or made a character on behalf of The Deliberate Myth.  Everyone who trusted The Deliberate Myth to entertain their kids for a few hours a week.  Everyone who ever said "Good Luck!" along the way.  Everyone who inspired me and helped me become better.  This is you, and The Deliberate Myth would not be what it is without you.  


From the bottom of my heart, thank you all - SO MUCH - for the last 5 years.  It IS dangerous out there, and I am so glad to have taken you with me.  I hope you'll stick around for many years to come.  


With gratitude and love,



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