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Private Campaigns and Parties


You provide the place, and we will DM a private game for you and your friends, be it a one-time adventure for a night, or a weekly campaign that lasts years.  Maybe you want a regular way to de-stress after work, or just want to brush up on the game with a refresher.  Whatever your gaming needs, The Deliberate Myth is here for you.  There is no set schedule for these campaigns; it is whatever works for you and your friends.  

Campaigns and Session Zero

A campaign is a multi-session adventure of at least three sessions.  These can be booked in groups of 3 up to 15 sessions at a time, and can run as long as the players want them to.  Ideal for players of any experience level who are ready to commit to the hobby and really experience all the wonder than D&D can offer.  Campaigns can be held in-person or remotely.

Every new campaigns of three (or more) sessions is required to have a  “Session Zero” before gameplay begins.  This is a full-length session where the players and DM meet to create characters and determine the scope and style of your game.  This is how your campaign truly becomes unique to you!  Session Zeroes are billed at 50% of the cost of a normal session, and do not count towards any bulk rate session discount (see below for pricing).

One-Shot Adventures

One-shot adventures are shorter quests that are typically one single session.  The Deliberate Myth provides both pre-made characters and adventures, allowing players to jump straight to the action!  Great for newer players to get a taste of what D&D is all about, but who aren't ready yet to commit to a longer narrative.  They also make great birthday parties, and as such, are treated as a "Classic Birthday".  Please see the section on BIRTHDAYS/ONE-SHOTS for one-shot pricing.

Campaign Pricing and Details

  • $17.50/hour, per player (in-person and remote). 

  • Groups are expected to have between 3 and 6 players.  Please ask if you require a different number of players.

  • Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours each.  Typical sessions last 2-3 hours, but can be booked up to 5 hours in length.  Please email if you require longer sessions.

  • Discounts are available when paying for multiple sessions in advance: 5% off sessions 6-10, and 10% off every session after 10.  All discounted sessions must be paid in advance, or discount does not apply.

  • "Session Zeroes" occur before game play begins, and are billed at 50% off.  They do not count towards the session count when determining discounts.

  • In-Person Campaigns:

    • You are responsible for the location of an in-person campaign.   The Deliberate Myth comes to you.  Sessions will be held at a mutually agreed upon time and place.

    • All Deliberate Myth DMs are vaccinated.  We expect that everyone who will be physically present in the agreed upon location and is of age, per the CDC; will be vaccinated at well.  This applies to both players and non-players alike.

    • At this time, masks are mandatory for all players at the table, regardless of their vaccination status.

  • Remote Campaigns:

    • All players are required to have simultaneous access to Zoom,, and  You will not need a paid account for any site.

    • Remote campaigns also require a sufficient internet connection, device(s), and two-way audio capabilities.  If you are uncertain about your technical capabilities, please ask and we will do our best to assist your setup.  Cameras are not required; however they are very strongly encouraged, so your DM can better mimic the feel of an in-person session.

What is the difference between a Heroes at Home campaign and an Adventurer's Academy campaign?

In a nutshell, Heroes at Home campaigns have more flexible schedules (both from a hourly and weekly perspective) and can be potentially cheaper than Adventurer's Academy campaigns.   Adventurer's Academy campaigns receive priority staffing.  If there are two groups inquiring about the same DM and the same day and time, the Adventurer's Academy group will be staffed and booked first.

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