Meet your Dungeon Masters

Greetings heroes, and welcome to The Deliberate Myth. 


Founded in January, 2017, The Deliberate Myth aims to give an engaging, inventive, and completely custom outlet for creative minds of all ages.  Allow me to introduce the party that will guide you along the way.  Here is the tale of Seth, Hopper, Peter, and Mike - your Deliberate Myth Dungeon Masters.



Seth's D&D adventure is one of destiny - of fulfilling a dream he didn't even know he had.


Seth has been a fully accredited D&D devotee, player, and DM since 1980, when he made his first character Elrod, a blatant mash-up of all the best elves of Middle Earth.  The game very quickly wormed its way into his brain as a kid, where (like any good and proper brain parasite) it took up permanent residence in his imagination.  No matter what random encounter life threw, the desire to create, explore, and imagine never left.


Now Seth is the dad of two remarkable daughters who, through some incredible combination of fate, good luck, and good parenting, have become just as enthralled.  Naturally, Seth started running games for them and their friends.  It was amazing and fun and exciting and hilarious... but it wasn’t enough.


Seth saw the unfiltered creativity and the unapologetic courage of these kids as they played, through both the nostalgic eyes of his younger self and the adult eyes of his current parental incarnation, and knew he had to do more.  The whispering wyrm inside his brain demanded that he share this passion and love of the hobby with as many people as possible.



Hopper's D&D adventure is one of perseverance - of doing more and more and more.


Hopper has been playing and running D&D for approximately 65% of their life, starting early on with slapstick adventures in 3rd edition before graduating to running four simultaneous campaigns in their own world using 5th Edition.

Hopper began their adventure as a level 1 Druid, born in Maine to two teachers who encouraged exploration, love of nature and learning.  Hopper has spent most of their adult life working professionally with trees, cultivating an appreciation for the growth and guidance of life.  Between that and growing up with a passion for fantasy and science fiction, Hopper channels most of their free time and creative energy to developing stories, building worlds, and growing relationships, all while using table top role playing games as a medium of communication, social engagement and personal growth.



Peter’s D&D journey is one of connection— of companions found and bonds forged through battle and adventure.

Peter started his journey in the far off lands of Texas where, as a young nerd, he heard whispers of a game so epic, so extraordinary, so HEROIC that he knew he needed to play it. Unable to find a game of Dungeons & Dragons to join, Peter chose to answer the call and start his own. Thus began the first of many epic adventures of good and evil, and far from the last. Finding that the adventuring life suited him well, Peter made it his quest to play as many different roleplaying games as he could. Through his quest Peter has lived a thousand lives, visited strange and beautiful places, and found the friendship of loyal companions along the way.

When not striving towards complete mastery of dungeons, Peter spends many an hour poring over dark tomes in his Brooklyn-based wizard tower, or furiously scribbling his own stories.



Mike's D&D adventure is one of redemption - of finding something, losing it, then finding it again. 


Like so many others, young Mike was bewitched by the magic of The Lord of the Rings, Conan the Barbarian, and other stalwarts of the fantasy genre.  Like any good adventurer, he took as many side quests as possible - mowing lawns and other odd jobs suitable for his age - to earn the coin he needed.  Eventually his quest was completed, and the core tomes of  3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons were proudly in his inventory.  Sadly, although entranced by the illustrations and possibilities inside the books, he was unable to build a fellowship of his own.  The tomes sat dormant for many years, eventually becoming lost to the sands of time. Fifteen years later he heard the siren’s call, and bravely ventured into a local game shop.  On that fateful evening he joined his first campaign and was forever changed – by the excitement and magic, of course, but even more so by the friendship and camaraderie he found. Now, five years after that pivotal night he runs regular D&D games with some of the same friends he made that first night, as well as many more friendships he has made along the way.  Included among those friends?  Seth, who is proud to call Mike his Dungeon Master.

When not running a game Mike can be found adventuring in the mountains with his wife and his animal companion, or designing all manner of cool, helpful gizmos and gadgets.  He is constantly exploring, building and tinkering, trying to make all worlds real and imagined a better place.  

Thus, The Deliberate Myth was born.  It is our sincerest hope that we can help the wizards and warriors in your family (young and old alike) explore, create, and enjoy this incredible world of adventure.   Join us and discover how your story unfolds!