Greetings heroes, and welcome to The Deliberate Myth.  


Seth (your Dungeon Master) has been a fully accredited D&D devotee, player, and DM for 86% of his life.  The game very quickly wormed its way into his brain as a kid, where (like any good and proper brain parasite) it took up permanent residence in his imagination.  No matter what random encounter life threw, the desire to create, explore, and imagine never left.


Now Seth is the dad of two remarkable daughters who, through some incredible combination of fate, good luck, and good parenting, have become just as enthralled.  Naturally, Seth started running games for them and their friends.  It was amazing and fun and exciting and hilarious... but it wasn’t enough.


Seth saw the unfiltered creativity and the unapologetic courage of these kids as they played, through both the nostalgic eyes of his 8 year old self and the adult eyes of his current parental incarnation, and knew he had to do more.  The whispering wyrm inside his brain demanded that he share this passion and love of the hobby with as many people as possible.


Thus, The Deliberate Myth was born.  It is Seth’s sincerest hope that he can help the wizards and warriors in your family (young and old alike) explore, create, and enjoy this incredible world of adventure.   He has been preparing 86% of his whole life to do so.


He hopes you’ll join him and see how the story unfolds.  See you at the table!

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