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Adventurer's Academy
Player Registration Form
Afterschool 2024/25

Thanks for registering for the afterschool adventures with The Deliberate Myth's Adventurer's Academy!  


If you have never joined our afterschool campaign before, you'll notice that our registration form asks a bit more than most.  This is because of our belief that a good D&D campaign depends on much more than just being available on the same day.  We want to place players in groups that fit not just their schedule, but also their playstyle, experience level, age, and personality. 


Please help us give you the best experience we can by listing ALL the possible campaign days that your schedule may allow, in order of preference, on your Registration Form - even if you are a returning player.  Thank you!

Player Information

If you are inquiring about our in-person afterschool program, are you interested in our walk-over service?

Campaign Preferences

For the below options, rank all (and only) days of the week that you are available for a weekly session, in order of your schedule preference.  Please give as many options as possible, even if you are returning to an existing group.   Our priority is always to keep groups together, but schedules sometimes change.  By giving us as many scheduling options as possible, you make it easier for us to keep groups together and to put the best new groups together that we can.

Please indicate which Season of Adventurer's Academy you are interested in. (Required)
Thanks for submitting! See you at the table!
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