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Weekend Campaigns for Kids and Adults


Hail to the King!  CHAMPIONS & CHAPERONES was the very first campaign The Deliberate Myth offered, and it was designed to bring parents and kids together at the table.  Break through the age gap!  D&D is not, and never has been, a hobby just for kids.  Maybe you are just curious and confused about this weird game that your kid keeps raving about.  Maybe you want to play a campaign with your kids but don't have the time to find or run a group.  Maybe you want to introduce your child to the game, but you've been away for a while.  Whatever your reason and curiosity level, there is a seat at the table for you AND your family.  From first hand experience, I can assure you: nothing bonds families more than creating a world together, slaying a vile frost dragon, toppling a despotic ruler, or saving a tribe of orcs from persecution. 

Thanks to the amazing success of the Adventurer's Academy and Heroes at Home campaigns, however, the CHAMPIONS & CHAPERONES campaign could no longer maintain a weekly session and is currently on hiatus.  But fear not, fantasy families!  All is not lost! 

As we speak, the Dungeon Master and the idea goblins are planning the best possible ways to bring parents and kids together at the table.  Future plans include:

  • Character creation seminars to help you create the perfect character

  • Dungeon Mastering tips and tricks

  • One- or two- part adventurers that don't require a long term commitment

  • Dinner and Dragons nights, with food, fun, and fantasy

Providing kids and parents with a shared bonding experience continues to be one of the best and most important benefits of this incredible hobby, and I have no intention of letting that slide!  Stay tuned for more updates, or send a message to get direct information from the Dungeon Master.  Like a phoenix, CHAMPIONS & CHAPERONES will rise again, better than before!

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