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Registration Now Open for the 2022 Winter Campaigns!


Hail, weary traveler!  Your search for custom and personalized D&D adventure is over!

It is with tremendous joy, excitement, and gratitude that we can announce the Winter 2022 Campaigns are now taking names!  We are offering both remote and in-person campaigns to fit your schedule and your playstyle.   

If you know what you want and just want to get to the registration, please click here for our Adventurer's Academy afterschool campaigns, or here for our Heroes at Home private campaigns.  If you are a more curious sort, or if you want to know more about who we are and what we do, you can read all about the team here.

Remember heroes: The best D&D games are collaborative, with players who prioritize the group over themselves.  The pandemic is not over.  Lets all do our part to be as safe and responsible as possible.   Please click here for more information on how we plan to safely and responsibly run face to face gaming.

Lastly... On behalf on the gaming goblins and DM-ing demons here at Deliberate Myth, I want to say thank you to every player who has ever sat down to the table with us, or even just thought about it.  If you are here reading this, then that includes you as well!  Your support has graciously allowed us to keep the campaigns rolling during this time. We are so grateful and lucky to have such amazing players.

Stay safe and healthy!

Seth and the Deliberate Myth team