Your Brooklyn Dungeon Master

2021 Update:

IN-PERSON Gaming Returns!


Hail, heroes!

On behalf on the gaming goblins and DM-ing demons here at Deliberate Myth, I want to say thank you to every player who has ever sat down to the table with us, or even just thought about it. Your support has graciously allowed us to keep the campaigns rolling during this time. The conversion to virtual gaming was a success, and we are so grateful and lucky to have such amazing players.

It is with GREAT joy and excitement that we can announce the return of in-person campaigns!  Starting in September 2021, we will begin in-person campaigns for both Adventurer's Academy and Heroes at Home.  Please click here for more information on how we plan to safely and responsibly resume face to face gaming.

We are doing our best to send out a mass heal spell to everyone we can. Sadly, none of the Deliberate Myth DM team took any levels of Cleric. In the meantime, here are some reminders and tips to stay safe:

  • Wear appropriate armor! (Wear that mask as often as possible, and err on the side of caution!)

  • Drink that potion of Immunity to Disease! (Get vaccinated if you can.  Don't be chaotic stupid!)

  • Put up a wall of force with a 6-foot diameter around yourself. (Stay away from people. C’mon gamers! This is no different than being on a grid map!)

  • Spam as many Lesser Restoration spells as you can. (Wash your hands frequently! This ritual spell takes way less than 10 minutes!)

  • Gain 10 levels of Monk to become immune to poison and disease. (This will require lots of focused meditation, so stay at home as much as possible! It’s the only way!)

Remember heroes: The best D&D games are collaborative, with players who prioritize the group over themselves.  Things are getting better, but the pandemic is not over.  Lets all do our part to be as safe and responsible as possible. 

Stay safe and healthy!

Seth, Hopper, Peter, and Mike